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Art Class for Creativity

MYA WILSON Jon Jee Staff Published: September 6, 2017 8:00 AM

Students at John Glenn have many ways to express their creativity throughout the school. From the music programs, to robotics to just the general art classes, students have shown their love towards all the fun ways to show off their originality. There are several different programs within John Glenn High School for everyone who might want to have some fun and express themselves.

The fairly new art teacher here at John Glenn, Mrs. Martin, has started off with a positive attitude about the school year and what the students can achieve in her art class. She has started the students on a small project for the beginning of the year so far, but she has said in the classroom that bigger projects will take place later on in the year. Many students are excited for what the class has to offer.

What makes an art class fun is that you get to create whatever you want to. You’re given a topic or an assignment based on what you’re learning, and then you can use your imagination, and make something spectacular. Everyone has a different imagination; therefore, each art project is going to be completely different, but still based on a certain topic. That's why a lot of students want to take an art class. It's a class that allows you to put part of yourself into your work, and no one will ever be able to create the exact same thing.

The school has shown the students that they acknowledge their creativity as well as skill in art and writing projects by having a showcase towards the end of the school year. It’s a good way for the school and community to see how the creativity of the kids are developing as well as how they express it. The music programs at the high school also play at the showcase. JG Company, band, and orchestra alternate throughout the years to perform.This is another way to showcase a form of art. Music allows you to have a connection with your work the way art does. The showcase is a good way for students hard work to be recognized by the community.

The school does not limit the artwork to that one showcase. John Glenn also shows their students’ art work within the school. Some of the students’ projects get shown off in the hallways or even in the classrooms. When you walk in the front doors, you are able to see some of this artwork within a showcase. By the art room, there is a wall that was painted by different students and in the athletic trainer’s room there is a picture painted by a recent graduate.

The arts are an important way for the students to show their own style and creativity throughout school. They allow students to have a sense of freedom within their work while they still are able to meet the criteria. While other classes restrict you by expecting everyone to have the same answer, art celebrates our individuality and the way our mind see the world in different ways. This freedom of creativity is a great way for students to express who they are and put a part of themselves into their work.

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