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TAIYLOR WILLIAMSON Jon Jee Staff Published: March 22, 2017 9:21 AM

As the school year comes to an end, seniors are preparing to leave home to begin studying for their future careers. College is a big change from high school and being freshman once again leaves people with nervous jitters and unsure of what all they really need. Deciding what to bring for a dorm can be stressful. What if you pack way too much or, even worse, what if you don’t bring enough? There are certain things that every college freshman needs to make their transition to college life go as smoothly as possible.

One thing that you should plan to bring is a fan. Rarely do you have temperature control in your dorm. Nothing could be worse than being stuck in a sauna trying to study or write papers. Depending on which college you go to, this could be a lifesaver.

You’re going to be stuck in your dorm a lot. This room is going to be your home for at least one year and you don't want to be stuck in a room you hate. Bring decorations or pictures to make the dorm feel more at home or comforting to you.

You’ll also need a big calendar. Due dates are important in college and it could be difficult to remember what is due when. A calendar could save your grade in many courses. You need to be aware of deadlines and important dates and keep your list of things to do straight.

Your dorm won't be big. Space will be limited and your stuff along with your roommates will be everywhere. If you have storage bins you’ll be able to keep your stuff relatively together and your dorm room won't be a complete mess.

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A booklight would also be a smart purchase for college. It is more than likely that your roommate will have different sleeping habits than you. To keep a civil relationship between the two of you, it would be best not to wake your roommate by turning on all the lights. A booklight will allow you to study without disturbing your roommate.

A shower bag is necessary. You do not want to be stuck carrying all of your clothes and shower supplies to and from everyday. A bag will make keeping everything together easier. Also, do not forget flip flops. The shower floors are not going to be the cleanest. You do not want your bare feet on the same floor that 300 other people have showered in. It’s gross. Don’t do it.

College is tough. Change is hard and it takes time to adapt but you want to be sure that you have things to make this transition slightly easier. Make sure that you bring all the necessities to make your life easier and help feel at home.

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