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TAIYLOR WILLIAMSON Jon Jee Editor Published: September 6, 2017 8:00 AM

Once you hear that jarring first bell after three months of sun, sleeping in, and stress free days, you know that school has begun once again. The first time you set the alarm clock early enough to make you inwardly groan is almost as unforgettable as the stressful night before your first test of the year. High school may not help your sleep schedule or allow you time to soak up the sunshine, but there are ways to make it better. These are the years you'll always remember, and there are some ways you can make the best of them.

One way to add some fun into your high school days is to attend events. There's no better way to enjoy what high school has to offer than going to events you're interested in. Attend those friday night football games you always hear about on the announcements or see pictures of later on social media. Go to the band concert you've heard will be amazing. Take the time to enjoy the things high school has to offer such as these things.

Another way to enjoy high school is to get involved. There are so many clubs available to you here at John Glenn High School. Find what you're interested in and take the initiative to join it. Options vary from Spirit Club to Writers Anonymous to Art League to Key Club and so many more. If you don't see a club you'd like to join but have an idea for one, start a petition to create it! Just last year our student body president, Lorene Kelly, decided to make her own club. She started a Young Americans for Freedom Club that has done amazingly well and organized events such as setting up small flags outside the school to honor 9/11 victims. Sports are another way to become involved in the school. Don't be afraid to try out for something even if it's new to you.

You can also make your high school days worth while by participating. This goes for in and out of the classroom. In class, pay attention. Classes are a lot more interesting if you actually know what's going on. Do the homework assignments even if they seem like busy work. Homework assignments add up and can make a big difference on what grade you receive on your report card. At pep rallies, yell with the cheerleaders or stand up to do the “roller coaster” with the student section leaders. You can actually have a good time at these events if you decide to participate, rather than staring at clock counting down the minutes until you get to go home.

These three things may seem trivial, but they play a big role in your high school outlook. Your high school days are limited whether you like to admit it or not. Time will fly by, and one day you'll be a senior doing these things for the last time. Enjoy them while you can. Make the best out of these years. They may not be the best years of your life, but you can make them memorable if you choose to do so.

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