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Happy Halloween

KAITLIN KLIES Jon Jee Staff Published: October 31, 2017 8:49 AM

It is the creepiest and scariest time of the year again. The time for spooky nights, candy corn, and carved out pumpkins.

Halloween is an annual holiday that occurs every year on October 31st. Its roots go all the way back in European traditions, people used to have bonfires and wear costumes to ward off the ghosts. It is believed that this day's origin was dated back to an ancient Celtic Festival. Celts were people who lived in Ireland, the United Kingdom, parts of France almost 2,000 years ago. This day marked the end of summer for them and the beginning of the harvest, cold weather, and the time of year that is most associated with human death.

As Halloween traveled over to the United States in the first half of the nineteenth  century, the first celebrations that occurred were public events to celebrate the harvest and people told spooky stories of the dead along with singing and dancing. But during the second half of the nineteenth century, America was flooded with new immigrants who helped popularize the celebration of Halloween. Taking from Irish and English traditions, Americans began dressing up and and traveling around different houses asking for food or money.

Over time, Halloween evolved into a day of activities like carving pumpkins into many different faces and pictures, candy corn, haunted trails and so much more. It is estimated that Americans spend over six billion dollars on Halloween making it a second largest holiday next to Christmas.

Here at John Glenn, students have dressed up as many different things. Some including superheros, floating shopping lists, Kim Possible, Forrest Gump, care bears, and so much more. Also during today’s pep rally, each pride has chosen one student to represent their pride and will be voted on by the student body. Another activity that will be happening is a mummy contest where a few students from each grade will have to wrap another student up with toilet paper and make the best mummy.

Have a spooky Halloween!

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