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Thanksgiving Traditions

KAITLIN KLIES Jon Jee Staff Published: November 21, 2017 7:00 AM

In 1621, the first Thanksgiving day took place in the United States after 102 passengers left Plymouth, England on a ship called the ‘Mayflower’ where they endured a long, dangerous, and uncomfortable 66 day voyage until they reached the tip of Cape Cod. But a month after that, they finally crossed into the Massachusetts Bay where they then started to create a village of their own at Plymouth. Throughout their first brutal winter there, only half of the ship's population survived. In march, the settlers were given a surprise visit by an Indian who came back several days later with another Indian by the name of Squanto. He taught the hopeless and weak pilgrims how to plant and harvest corn, get maple from trees, catch fish in rivers, and avoid poisonous plants. He helped the pilgrims create an alliance with another local tribe called the Wampanoag. After the pilgrims first successful harvest, they celebrated by having a huge feast and invited the Wampanoag to join them marking the first Thanksgiving dinner.

During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress declared one or two other days throughout the year for Thanksgiving, but it was not until George Washington declared November 23 as the national holiday for Thanksgiving saying that Americans should express their happiness for the end of the war for independence and the ratification for the United States Constitution. For many families now, this holiday has lost much of its religious values and is more centered around sharing a day of eating with friends and family. Many parades also happen around the world, one of the most famous ones being is the Thanksgiving Parade that happening in New York City. It has been presented by the Macy’s Department since 1924 with almost 2-3 million people coming to watch it. For many people over the U.S

Thanksgiving is a day to spend time with family and loved ones. To sit down and enjoy a meal with people they might not get to see all the time. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday filled with food, family, and well more food.

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