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French Cooking Class

ALAINA WILLIAMS Jon Jee Staff Published: February 6, 2018 7:00 AM

  Bonjour! The French 2 students at John Glenn High School were given the assignment by their teacher to present a proper French dish in front of their peers. They are to form into small groups and pick a meal of their choosing from the French culture. Unlike foods class, they are not required to bring in actual food and cook for the class. The students are only supposed to explain how to prepare and cook the dish. However, the real challenge is that they cannot speak any English at all!

The entire time they are presenting, they must only be speaking French words! The French teacher, Miss Bachmann, has been known to give her students fun projects to help them become more confident in speaking the foreign language. In the past, Miss Bachmann has assigned for her students to make fairytales and short skits to present in front on the class. Also, the French 2 students have been working on their online blogs. The blogs they have go towards their midterms and final grades in the class. In the class, the students are encouraged to be creative and try to grasp the full concept of the French culture. Overall, that class has inspired students to break out of their shell and be okay with making mistakes.

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