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The Journey to the Top

NICOLE LYNCH Jon Jee Staff Published: February 3, 2017 6:41 AM

Last season, the John Glenn boys basketball was the team to beat, and not much has changed this season. The other top teams such as Sheridan (number one) and Tri-Valley (number three), also have two losses. John Glenn overall has won 11 and lost 5 games. Top team Sheridan has overall won 13 and lost 3. Tri-Valley has won 9 and lost 6.

JG lost to Sheridan in December giving JG one MVL loss and caused them to fall behind Morgan, Tri-Valley, and Sheridan for the championship. Tri-Valley and Sheridan then battled it out on the court January 6, and Sheridan took their second loss. At this point, Morgan was number one, Tri-Valley was number 2, JG was number 3, and Sheridan was number 4.

Shortly after Tri-Valley and Sheridan played, JG took another loss to Morgan, giving JG 2 losses, putting them in the same boat as Sheridan. That then made the top two teams Tri-Valley and Morgan, having only one loss.

When JG defeated Tri-Valley January 13, they then began to push a little harder because at this time, JG, Sheridan, and Tri-Valley all had two losses, which put them right behind Morgan with only one loss. The big question then was, who will take on Morgan for first and second place in the MVL?

The anticipated game of Morgan and Tri-Valley (who was tied for 2nd place with JG and Sheridan) happened on January 20. The gym was packed to see who would win, and unexpectedly, Morgan gained their second loss, which then created a four-way tie for the MVL Championship.

On January 27, Sheridan defeated Morgan, making Morgan’s run for the MVL extremely capricious. Because Morgan’s overall record is 11-4 and Tri-Valley’s is 9-6, Morgan is actually ahead of Tri-Valley, even though they knocked them off of the top spot. As of right now, Sheridan is first, John Glenn is second, Morgan is third, and Tri-Valley is fourth.

John Glenn plays at Tri-Valley this Friday. If JG beats Tri-Valley, they will then battle at Sheridan on Tuesday, February 14. If JG beats both teams, the tradition of winning the MVL could possibly continue.

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